What is truer
than truth?

The story.


Mady and Monette Malroux, photo by Maja Daniels (Horst und Edeltraut #5)

Why do we love stories? When we founded the agency, in 1990, our first project was Schön sein – being beautiful – a cosmetics magazine. Aside from presenting lipsticks, it also had an article about the make-up rituals of an indigenous Amazonian people, about the spiritual aspect of cosmetics – one of lipstick’s invisible facets. That’s why we love stories: because they make comprehensible that which cannot otherwise be understood. Much like you may be able to measure the distance a long jumper springs, but not her heart’s resolve.

“I want to tell a story about that!” is often our initial impetus for a new assignment. Remain open-minded. Take a step back. Think about it. Look for something new. Be brave. We tell stories about Swedish bakers who are interested in dams, about Humboldt’s travel diaries, about fruit flies’ DNA, about people who shelter refugees. Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, as does our staff. Cultural and communication scientists, engineers, historians and economists work for us as journalists, as idea people, as producers, as editorial and screen designers, as web analysts and as consultants. We all work together, like a good film team, so that images, sounds and words all flow together until they become more, more than the sum of their parts. Truer than truth.


What we can do

Communication isn’t a one-way street, and naturally there’s oncoming traffic. Nowadays communication is always a dialogue between the sender and the recipient. There are many pathways and possibilities that must be considered for both internal and external communications. It’s just as important to have a clear strategic direction as it is to think laterally and around the corner. Good communication is distinguished by being multifaceted and emerges from a creative group’s ideas. Which outlines our approach at muehlhausmoers: working together with our clients, we want to find the best solution.

To achieve this we use the entire media spectrum – from high end to tabloids. We find the right form – digital, print, mobile – or intelligently network all of them. We advise companies and organisation about digital transformation processes. We work for many industries; clients in the health, logistics, ICT, energy, banking and insurance sectors place their trust in us as do commercial enterprises, plant and machine manufacturers, cultural institutions, non-profit organisations and corporate entities. What they all appreciate in us are our stories for their companies. We know how best to tell them and get them to their intended audiences.


and several more are produced by us every year for thirty clients. Some are digital publications, some are printed, and many media are part and parcel of a sophisticated multichannel content strategy. We publish in more than twenty languages: nationally in Germany, across Europe and around the world. Using modern management systems we are often able to work on various publication in several locations simultaneously.


are the home bases for our correspondents. We draw on our broad international network to deliver the best results for our globally positioned clients. We work with more than one hundred specialists, journalists and photographers around the world, allowing us to deliver insights from a wide array of the world’s regions.


annually are the rule, sometimes more, sometime fewer. Satisfied clients are a demonstration of our good work. As are awards. For years we’ve been counted among the top five agencies for content marketing in the relevant creative rankings. Award-winning communication can create and strengthen trust in brands and companies. That’s why we want to win every year – and every year anew.


is our staff’s average age. We unite experience with youthful creativity. Our clients’ specifications are becoming progressively more complex, which is why diversification among our employees is increasingly important. Not just considering age, but also for education, career, interests and provenance to undergird our agency’s performance.


Passion. Day after day.

“We’ll just do it” is an attitude that inspires and pushes people: to go for a coffee at the seaside 700 kilometres away, to establish a foundation or to decide to have a child from one day to the next. We just do it is the spirit in which our agency was founded, by a journalist and a graphic designer, twenty-five years ago. Established from the passion for telling stories, for outstanding design and in our enthusiasm for new things. With offices in Berlin and Cologne, muehlhausmoers is one of Germany’s pioneering communication agencies with an international orientation. Creativity springs from the full range of what life has to offer. What do companies experience? What stories do their employees tell? What do their products have to offer? We use the contents and forms that you pick to create content-marketing strategies with premium and promotional magazines, apps and content websites so that others can find out what makes you special. Many of our staff have won numerous awards and have become brands in their own right. What remains constant is the desire to get started and to discover your stories.

Discovery, development, storytelling, design.
Best editorial content for companies and brands.

Content Marketing

  • Advertising Marketing
  • Apps
  • Blogs
  • Community Management
  • Content for Features, Interviews, Commentaries and Reports
  • Content for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
  • Content Websites
  • Data Analysis and Monitoring
  • Distribution
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  • Ideas and Editorial
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading
  • Employee, Customer, Lifestyle, Public-Affairs, Stakeholder and Business Magazines
  • Multichannel Publishing
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  • Translations

Corporate Communications

  • Demographic and Market Analyses
  • Contact Management
  • Media Partnerships
  • Media/PR Work
  • Positioning and Concepts
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Sponsoring
  • Theme Setting
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluations

Media Strategy

  • Benchmark Analyses
  • Consulting on Digital Transformation Processes
  • Content Strategies
  • Corporate Publishing Consulting
  • Media Analyses and Strategies
  • Media Architecture
  • Newsroom Consulting
  • Naming
  • Positioning Workshops
  • Sales & Marketing Concepts
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  • Target Group Analyses

Technology Workflow

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  • CRM Systems
  • Programming
  • Quality Management
  • Editorial Systems
  • Teambuilding Workshops
  • Template Development
  • Usability Experience Check
  • Workflow and Production Consulting

Multichannel Design

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  • Corporate Identity and Design
  • CD Implementation
  • Design Development
  • Design Manuals
  • Editorial Design
  • Infographics
  • Interactive Design
  • Layout
  • Production Consulting
  • Screen Design
  • Social Media Style Guides
  • Supervision

Public Relations

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